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“Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” Last week I did a live Facebook post of HOME and the feelings one might have about your home and how our home is a reflection of us.  The post just came about but the way in which it touched my heart moved me to […]

Many Months into 2018 – Check Your Vision Board!

Hello ReFRESH! Can you believe we are at the halfway mark for 2018! Six months behind us and Six months in front of us.  This is a great time to peek at our vision boards if you have one for 2018. If you don’t have one – this would be a great time to stop […]

My Recent “RUN” In with YOGA

Hello, My Friend, In this post, I am going to share my recent experiences with YOGA! The truth is I was afraid of YOGA and I did not realize why. I just smiled when someone mentioned going to a class or participating. The Universe finds a way to help us heal and work with our […]


March 21, 2018 marks the Spring Equinox. This is the day the sun hovers closest to the equator.  It is a shift in the seasons and this is the signaling of our Spring. So, I wish you all a very Happy Spring on this day we all herald as the start of Spring.  Mother Nature […]

My New Love, Rose Quartz

Have you ever been drawn to something continuously and not really understood why or what was the significance? Have you been attracted to something over time and just past if off and then you find out what it’s meaning it and why it has so much meaning to you and where you are in that […]


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR MORE JOY IN YOUR LIFE? I have truly enjoyed my passionate study of JOY.  It seems so illusive to many and yet I can feel it even when I see the word, when I get quiet or when I see a baby, my own baby or a puppy.  In a flash […]

Join Me on Facebook Live 8 AM February 14 – 18

I’m heading to the Chopra Center to take a course in LOVE. Join me daily at 8 AM EST on Facebook Live as I share my journey with you! Join us at Missed me Live? No worries, click the link(s) below to watch each day’s video:   February 14 –  


Just twenty-eight days into the new year and guess what? Some are facing an inordinate amount of stress, fear, anxiety, self-loathing, doubt, and confusion.  Some (not any of us) have already given up and just can’t take any more.  The societal pressures of perfection, planning, goals, resolutions, and vision are just too much to bear.  […]