India Arie – The Worthy Tour

#ReFreshOutings – Helen and Marjorie had the opportunity to attend the India Arie Worthy Tour and got to meet India herself! Along with the meet-and-greet they even got to sit in on a special rehearsal before the show started! India always has a message to empower and spread love to women and this time was no exception. The tour’s namesake track has lyrics that we think will resonate through all women:

I know exactly what you’re thinkin’
I’ve had those thoughts a million times
I can see the question that’s behind your eyes, oh
You’re searching for your peace of mind

Now listen up to this truth
You are me and I am you
Every one of us is worthy
Baby girl, worthy woman
Every one of us is worthy

Always remember that you are worthy, ladies. This world is hard on us but every one of us is worthy.

What an amazing experience!