ReFresh Just Breathe!

Our breathing is the highway to our body.  It enables us to deliver oxygen to the brain and our organs.  We take breathing for granted.  Breathing is so paramount to our health and wellness.  When we are stressed or in crisis, we often encourage our friends to take a breath. Well, those are not just words, that breath gives the body time to inhale and exhale the toxicity of the stress being felt in the body.  So, let’s all remember the value and how essential BREATHING is to our calm, peace and JOY!

ReFresh Experience sisters attended a beautifully sacred session on breathing with some yoga poses and movements that aid in breathing presented in collaboration with Stephanie Clement from Stillness Yoga.  Stephanie was one of our experts that educated at Refresh 3.0 at Callaway Gardens in September 2018.  Stephanie began the work of breathwork and breathing as our gateway to present moment mindfulness.  She shares how taking that pause and making space for the breath is key.

November 17 was a follow up to the offering at Refresh 3.0. We met at Stephanie’s studio and put into practice her teachings. We experienced for ourselves how breathing deeply felt.  Just the words send the sensation of calm and an open heart.  The beauty of the studio and the feeling when we crossed the doorway opened us to the beautiful session on breathing. The results were astonishing, our poses and breaths were so expanded from when we began.  Our bodies responded immediately to the benefits of the poses and the breathing.  We could feel our breaths more deeply located in our bodies.  From our breathing, our noses began to react, and we felt the running sensation.  We begin with a shallow breathing, some holding breaths to deep breathing where we could feel it in the diaphragm. The Goddess Pose opened space in the chest area for deeper breathing.

So, when we are challenged, resistant or stressed our inclination to not breathe takes us away from the benefits of breathing deeply.   So, breathe!  This is just one of the many tools that ReFRESH delivered at our most recent retreat!  Stay tuned and put the next ReFRESH Experience on your calendar.  Get ready for ReFRESH one day workshop March 29-30 and ReFRESH 4.0 September 27-29, 2019.