ReFresh you – are you a stranger to yourself?

What a question right?  It stops you in your track.  Are YOU a Stranger to Yourself?  So where do we begin with answering this deep question? Well let’s start at the beginning, we are born into this world. We identify with parents, family and domesticated to schooling, neighborhood, people of all sorts, clubs, religions with all sorts of options.  We become someone and usually that someone is defined by others.  We assume that identity and we live our life.  Our essence gets covered with layers of life and all of life circumstances.  We are thoroughly in the world as defined by many, showing up as that person.  We choose to buy into all the identifications thrusted upon us.  Perhaps we are so vested in these IDS, we lose the true us.  Are we then a stranger to ourselves?

I would say that if you have a strong foundation and you know who you are you are most likely not a stranger to yourself.  Perhaps, you are living in your truth, grounded in your awareness and connected to source.  You most probably wait on responses and seek your guiding wisdom from the stillness. You would then truly know yourself.  You are living your life’s purpose, you are “living your best life” and feeling high JOY.  This is the life we desire and the grace to live.  We want to be know ourselves.  We want to see our life’s path clearly and live each day happy and at peace.

When we take a detour from seeing ourselves clearly, we let the auto pilot of life take over.  We navigate in a reactionary mode.  We know stress, over scheduled, chaotic and overwhelm as our daily go to.  We don’t have time for setting intentions, heartfelt dreams nor being in our loving. We are just running like a mouse in a maze.  We have put ourselves at the bottom of every list.  We have forgotten who we are and whose we are.  We are shallow breathing, unhappy and unconscious to our life.

We have put our self-care on pause and in some cases, we have never even placed our self-care on our very busy life schedule.  Self-love sounds great and do we even have time for that; if we REALLY knew what it was or how it felt.

Yes, we are a stranger to our self  if this is our reality.  ReFRESH YOU is about immersing yourself in YOU.  Practicing healthy selfish, boundaries, specific time for loving, cherishing and feeding our soul.  Drinking for our love well regularly.  We are practicing amazing self-care rituals of being silent, reading, meditating, singing, dancing and anything that excites and inspires our soul. Tapping into our inner being with love, compassion and forgiveness.  Using the many tools shared at ReFRESH.  Living our life like it’s golden.  We are our best friend and we love the skin we are in.  We are not a stranger to ourselves. We are LOVE and live a life of stillness, love, joy, peace and healing. 

So which one are you? Are you a stranger to yourself?  Only you can answer this question.

Perhaps you will take the time to make a steeping hot cup of tea, light a candle and journal your heart’s response to the question – Are YOU a Stranger to Yourself.

Until next time

Helen Mitchell, CMP, MA