Living your life well


ReFRESH Experience is focusing our time on YOU!  Self-love for YOU, self-care for YOU and Self-Maintenance for YOU! In the recent months, I have been struck by way too many stories of strokes and loss of life due to strokes in younger adults.  While I am not noting this as an authority, I am left to wonder what is really going on in our lives?  There seems to be a sense of rushing, confusion, overwhelm, drama, too much, too little time and chaos. I heard a young person share that their classmate was someone who remained calm in center of chaos. 

This sentiment reflects the growth and expansion of mindfulness and meditation.  We are desperately in need of finding calm and peace.  Can we really unplug, get  away from devices, obligations and to do lists to just be?  How can we reduce and remove the stress from over scheduled and too many places to be?  I am there and I am keenly aware of the tools and methods to check out and check inward to our still quiet voice that can let us to our place of peace, calm and joy.  We are focusing in on thriving, living our life WELL.  We are reading about elevated health numbers, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and more.  We are just barely LIVING.  We are hearing about how important mental wellness, stability and lower stress levels are mandatory if we are to live well. 

Our emotional IQ is on the to do list whenever we can get to it.  We are just barely coping with day to day.  Some are ending their long days getting into bed and still unable to unplug and sleep well.  We continue restlessness and worry even in our sleeping hours.  We have had it and yet we are not sure what to do.  I think it might be eye-opening if we felt it was just us, but as we look around and talk with those in our world quite a few us are suffering in silence or jointly suffering.

In ReFRESH Experience we are here to shift that picture painted above.  We are here to support your mindful moments, your use of your JOY essentials, your spiritual reading and powerful discussions, your face to face workshops, your reading blog matierls, your attending transformation retreats and much much more.  We are focused on ReFRESHing YOU – self-care, self-love and self-maintenance.

When I sit down and just think about the love and support of the ReFRESH experience, I am encouraged just knowing that the tools available to us all; are the keys to shifting our lives so that we are living well. We just need to PAUSE and pivot towards the options that we know are available to us in the moment.

Rather than give out more overwhelming things to do, I am suggesting that we begin practicing not doing and making time for nothing.  Giving ourselves permission to not be scheduled and learning to enJOY those moments.  Making more of that me time and nothing to do time.  The more we can expand that time and use it for nothing; we are creating a sacred practice a refuge from the monster load of to do, to get, to achieve, to be and to make.

I love that days, now sometimes weekends where I can just change pajamas to another pair of pajamas for the entire day and just enjoy me and whatever comes to my heart to not do.  I love just sitting in the nothingness of the moments.  I feel like I am hiding from the outside so that I be with me on my inside. I find myself smiling at nothing or maybe something.  I sit with a blank stare happy to be showing up for myself.  I love doing nothing away from a regular life of always doing something.  I have deduced that is one of the reasons my husband loves to take cruise vacations.  I kid and call it kidnapping!  It is a way to slow down, with little distractions and time to be inside your and your life.  A pure state of nothingness – living life well.

So, I hope that you will begin to consider experiencing the state of nothingness, taking time for you living your life well.

Until next time!  May your moments be empty, and you live your life WELL!