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Self Care While Sheltering in Place

We have been gifted precious time
ReFresh hopes these 12 activities done daily will keep you focused and nourished.
This is a time to create new patterns, schedules, routines and to put our ReFresh tools to work.
Elevate your stay at home by finding time daily to engage in these activities.

  1. MOVE your body! Exercise, walk, dance, online yoga, just jump.
  2. RECONNECT with who/what you’re grateful for, make a gratitude list.
  3. COOK nourishing foods using new recipes. Get lots of hydration.
  4. SCHEDULE down time without any screens or devices.
  5. SUNSHINE or rain – go outside & let the elements touch your face.
  6. GET LOST in something you love creating – handwork.
  7. CONNECT with people. Call family and friends.
  8. SLEEP as desired. Get as much rest and relaxation as possible.
  9. SPIRITUAL practice of any kind can help you find peace & serenity.
  10. DECLUTTER & donate items, clean out drawers and closets.
  11. MUSIC soothes the soul! Pick a genre, listen w/ headphones, dance!
  12. LAUGH at funny movies, memes, & jokes. Get out of your head!