Soul Shifting – Authentic Awakening

This deep dive session is the inaugural ReFresh mastery. During this session, we will lay the foundation of who we really are. We will join in a consensus understanding of our soul’s essence. This mastery sets the stage for tapping into our core and living from that place of Soul understanding. The intention of mastery is to bring forward our authentic self. Do you know who you are at the Soul level. We will focus on 5 questions that will identify our authentic self. Imagine living your life from a pure rich place of knowing and not from a reactive place.

This session is deepening our knowledge of our soul’s purpose and how we fit into the world. This awareness provides a solid foundation for navigating life’s challenges. Are you and your Soul built on a sound foundation or shaky sand. Let’s journey together and secure our foundation. Together, we will explore how we show up for ourselves and how we show up in our lives. The making of you and shifting your soul is a total transformative mastery session. In preparation, set an intention for your own awareness and awakening of your soul to discovering the making of you.

I believe when we know and understand this principle, we see ourselves fully and we see others as the beings they are. In Mastery you will get to know your authentic self. Who are you and makes you, YOU? How is this knowing creating the life you are leading? Are you joy filled, positive, living high vibrationally and living your best life? What area of your life are you wanting to see positive outcomes? Well get ready for the deep dive and connection with your Soul’s yearning.

Mastery, the brilliant journey of awakening to a personal and spiritual transformation. Mastery, the inspiring and enlightening to a true Soul Shift. For real transformation to be real and lasting, it must begin from the inside out. Mastery will illuminate those stuck places of confusion. Mastery will turn obstacles into possibilities. Come learn the techniques for living a soulful, joyful and connected life. “The Makings of You” – Emotional Freedom

ReFresh YOU!
Location: Callaway Gardens Date: September 27, 2019 Time: 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm Helen I. Mitchell, MA