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Say Yes!

Each time I attend a ReFresh event I gain more insight into myself along with easy, actionable tools to live my best life. I also meet wonderful women who become partners in my life journey. I am looking forward to this joy-filled retreat!”

Kim White

Change Your Life

I Will Not Miss ReFresh! Unlike many retreats that tell you things, you write them down, you go away and you forget about them. ReFresh is an intentional programmatic focused set of experiences that help you change your life!

Marjorie Mitchell

Journal to Joy Review

What a fresh and beautiful way to put self-care at the top of the list and keep it there! This journal inspires, encourages and nurtures action. It listens, just like a good friend would. Thank you for creating the space to help others do the same!?


Live with Intention!

Looking forward to returning to ReFresh Experience at Calloway Gardens. I want to get more tools to put in my handbag that allow me to improve my self-care!

Lisa Horne