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ReFRESH YOU Are You a Stranger to Yourself?

What a question right?  It stops you in your track.  Are YOU a Stranger to Yourself?  So where do we begin with answering this deep question? Well let’s start at the beginning, we are born into this world. We identify with parents, family and domesticated to schooling, neighborhood, people of all sorts, clubs, religions with […]

ReFRESH YOU! Thriving Thursdays – Living Your Life WELL

ReFRESH Experience is focusing our time on YOU!  Self-love for YOU, self-care for YOU and Self-Maintenance for YOU! In the recent months, I have been struck by way too many stories of strokes and loss of life due to strokes in younger adults.  While I am not noting this as an authority, I am left […]

ReFresh YOU! The Art of Self-Love and Self-Care

Hello ReFRESH Community! We are nearly 3 months into 2019!  Heading towards the end of the 1st Quarter.  Our weather continues to be unpredictable and we are feeling the initial signs of Spring.  This year ReFRESH has held 2 Vision Board Plus Workshops and we will be hosting our 1st Quarter ReFRESH Reads March 10, […]


Why I Love to Travel and the Benefits It’s an indescribable feeling you get when you make the first step on a new journey to discover yet another portion of the world. It doesn’t matter if the journey is of a thousand miles or much, much less. What matters is that it makes you feel […]

ReFresh Just Breathe!

Our breathing is the highway to our body.  It enables us to deliver oxygen to the brain and our organs.  We take breathing for granted.  Breathing is so paramount to our health and wellness.  When we are stressed or in crisis, we often encourage our friends to take a breath. Well, those are not just […]

From Today to This Precious Moment!

Today is the one day that we “think” we must plan and make the best of for our life.  This day is our day to shine, sparkle, breathe and take today just as it arrives.  I have been given this day opening my eyes, praying as that is my morning ritual, writing to express and […]


FINDING MY DIVINE PURPOSE WHEN THE NEST IS EMPTY, AND THE HEART IS FULL “How Will You Redecorate your Life’s Nest?” It’s that time of year when those we have been given to care for,  to parent, to guide and direct are leaving the nest.  No matter what age they are, they are leaving.  From […]


It’s summer and the living is easy!  For me summer always has a surprise element.  We plan all types of activities, trips and outings.   One of my summer experiences was being invited to come and stay for a week at the Chautauqua Institute in New York.  When the invite was extended, I wasn’t really sure […]

Joy in the Journey Avec Mes Amis

What I Learned on a Short Trip to Paris Avec Mes Amis The Power of Saying YES!!!!!!  On May 31st, 2018 a group of REFRESH friends journeyed to Paris France!  The JOY that surrounded our trip was astounding.  Here we are some weeks later since our return and we are still in PARIS JOY! Let […]