ReFresh Your Life Vision!

A transformative workshop facilitated by Joy Expert, Helen Mitchell

Growth & Healing is a Process

Deeper Than A Retreat

The Refresh Experience is deeper than a retreat, it is a COLLECTIVE outpouring of services, coaching, tools, and practices that elevates your awareness, feeds your soul, expands your mind, attunes to your body; focusing on pure joy and intentional living. It’s a gathering of experts who demonstrates ways to Live your Best Life. It’s a spiritual sanctuary! It’s a movement, It’s a community that serves and transforms lives!

ReFresh Your Vision!

Experience a ReFRESH transformational vision workshop includes gratitude practice, commitment, setting intentions, and manifesting skills.  Tap into your subconscious and soul’s purpose through mind-body-spirit activities to discover where you are currently, and what you can do in 2020 to move forward in a way that really aligns to your life’s calling.

2020 ReFresh Membership

Growth and healing is a process, commit to yours! If you find yourself out of balance, stuck, or seeking clarity about a meaningful decision – we are here for you! The ReFresh Experience Membership delivers valuable content & tools directly to members dedicated to their journey and who recognize the value in personal development. Next year we’re launching member-only travel!

ReFresh Reconnect! 3-Day Fall Retreat

Our 3-day transformational retreat is focusing all its offerings on RECONNECTING! Connecting to your strength, energy, and SELF! We are gathering experts who are aligned with ReFresh ideas and providing body, mind and soul refreshment with ultimate love and joy. Attendees will take home tools and powerful content developed for living their most purposeful and joyful life.
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2020 Offerings
(*member only events)


ReFresh Your Vision Workshop

Sunday, Jan 12, 1 PM


ReFresh Your Vision Workshop

Saturday, Feb 8, 10 AM


*ReFresh Roadtrip: Destination Cuba

Mar 13 – 18

ReFresh Reads I
Living with Intent

Sunday, Mar 29


ReFresh Spring Workshop

Saturday, Apr 18


*Stillness Yoga Event

Sunday, May 3


*ReFresh Reads II

Sunday, Jun 7

ReFresh ReConnect eCourse


ReFresh ReConnect eCourse


ReFresh ReConnect Retreat

ReFresh Reads III
Love is an Inside Job

Sept 25 – 27


*Heart & Soul Event

Sunday, Oct 11


Joy Hour Celebration

Thursday, Nov 12


*ReFresh Reads IV
The Gift of Imperfection

Sunday, Dec 13

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If you find yourself out of balance, stuck, or seeking clarity about a meaningful decision - we are here for you!