The Book of Joy

ReFresh Reads

Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, et al.

Growth & Healing is a Process

Deeper Than A Retreat

The Refresh Experience is deeper than a retreat, it is a COLLECTIVE outpouring of services, coaching, tools, and practices that elevates your awareness, feeds your soul, expands your mind, attunes to your body; focusing on pure joy and intentional living. It’s a gathering of experts who demonstrates ways to Live your Best Life. It’s a spiritual sanctuary! It’s a movement, It’s a community that serves and transforms lives!

ReFresh Reads

Maintain your journey by reading books curated by Founder Helen Mitchell, MA, CMP who facilitates each book club meeting! During the quarterly meetups we discuss the books and come into full alignment and understanding of what is needed to change our lives and the tools to make transformation a reality. Join us and enjoy lively discussion on life, insights, FUN, activities, and JOY for the SOUL!
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Journal to Joy

An inviting, exciting, and friendly book to journal your heartfelt desires, deep dreams, and adventures. Author Helen Mitchell, CMP, MA is the founder of The ReFresh Experience. After becoming an empty nester, Helen embarked upon a remarkable journey of soul-centered growth and healing. This journey led to mastery of skills and tools for compassionate forgiveness, loving resolution and living a more JOYful life.

Reset Your Life Vision

Are you ready to reset your vision for your life in 2021?! We use proven spiritual psychology tools and skills to assist you in creating a road map for the life you envision for yourself. Plus you’ll gain the resources and support needed to activate your vision throughout the upcoming year!   More than a vision board workshop, come experience a ReFresh transformational workshop!
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2021 Offerings
(*member only events)


Virtual Reset Your Vision Workshop

Sunday, Jan 10, 3 PM


Virtual ReFresh Reads The Book of Joy

Sunday, Mar 21, 3 PM


Virtual Workshop

Sunday, May 23, 2 PM


ReFresh Reset Retreat
& Members Mastery Tune Up

Sept 25 – 27


Joy Hour Celebration

Thursday, Nov 4, 7 PM


Reset Celebration*

Saturday, Dec 5, 3 PM

*Member Only Event

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