From Today to This Precious Moment!

Today is the one day that we “think” we must plan and make the best of for our life.  This day is our day to shine, sparkle, breathe and take today just as it arrives.  I have been given this day opening my eyes, praying as that is my morning ritual, writing to express and reading taking in the words and energy of today. I sat down with the intention of sharing what the past 10 months have been for myself and ReFRESH! Instead when I began to write, and I thought about what I would recount it seemed small compared to the fact that when I awoke today, I felt so joyful, just glad and so very grateful to be opening my eyes and able to read and write TODAY!

What seemed like today is truly this moment.  I am not sure what all it will deliver but the fact that I have TODAY seemed so grand in comparison to me recounting the past or even sharing the future.  I must admit that I did some easy research and found that the calendar is showing 73 days until the new year.  I thought that knowing that number of days left in 2018 might lead me in a direction.  I thought for sure that just knowing what time I think I have left would help me write about the past 10 months of 2018.  Still I could not tarry in the past 10 months; for my heart is clear and singularly focused on today and more honestly this moment.  The truth is I have this MOMENT as a start to TODAY.

I have this very sacred never to be repeated moment. Today, in this moment, I am experiencing my inhaling and exhaling and my desire to be fully present in this moment.  I feel peaceful and rested and prepared for the start of a day I have been given. My home is totally quiet, and the rooms are dark awaiting the light and energy that will shortly start. Yet in this quiet place, I walked the halls and into the rooms feeling blessed for this moment and choosing not to move on; to just savor this moment.  I realize that the past 10 months and all that I could recount got me here.  All those moments set the path to just this moment right now.

Spirit is unfolding just as it is. I AM present, grateful, available and in love with this precious moment of NOW!  Thank you Spirit for sharing this moment and I acknowledge the power of my NOW! What a beautiful graceful time to just be and express the pure joy of this moment.  May your nows be more and more and more!

And so, it is!  The first 10 months of 2018 got us here.  Resting in the presence of this precious moment.

Thank you precious Now – love and light to this moment I have been given to experience and cherish!